Word to Herbs and Spices

2017 hasn’t been an easy year for most Americans.

The clash between left and right, the struggle for understanding amidst terror, mass shootings and protests. The healthcare debate, black lives matter, police shootings, police pardons, LGBTQ rights, transgender kicked out of the military, international strife, social media blowouts… need I go on? For most of us, there is a feeling of hopelessness in wondering how we can help or where do we even begin? For some of us, little has really changed because our lives have always been threatened by a world who cannot or will not try to love and understand difference.

There is no simple answer. There is no simple action. Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use the change the world.” But how do we educate each other? How do we educate ourselves?

Welcome to ”Herbs the Word.” We are Elaina and Thyatira Thompson and we love to cook, learn, eat, rant and create alternative ways of healing. We may not have a solution or the education to solve every issue in the world, but when it comes to herbal remedies, tinctures, supplements, and apothecary that isn’t based on capitalism – we’re you’re people!

From acid reflux, to depression, to skin disorders to increasing mental energy, to inflammation issues – there’s an herb for that!¬†We do not claim to be certified doctors or medical professionals, but we want to openly share our knowledge and insights of herbal and natural treatments to better the world of health in our community.

This morning there was an article online about a new potential treatment for heart attacks (https://www.cbsnews.com/news/in-a-first-anti-inflammatory-drug-lowers-heart-attack-risks/).

Weekly anti-inflammatory drug injections is the new cure for heart disease? The new study says 15% of those on a “medium dose” had a lower chance of another heart attack. So you spend your life going into the doctor weekly for an injection that costs $$$$, and then you spend the rest of your life hoping that you’re not one of other other 85%? Plus side effects? Unfortunately this seems to be the new norm with westernized health care.

If it hasn’t occurred to you by now, America is corrupt with greed. It’s not just in the healthcare we receive, but also the products and foods on our shelves that are deemed safe. Did you know MSG actually isn’t bad for you? Did you know that there is a chemical in Kraft mac-n-cheese that is now tied to birth defects?

As our world slowly tears itself apart with fear and hatred fueled arguments, in this blog we’ll talk health and healing! We all need vices to survive and we all have addictions we wish we could give up. What if you could have your cake and eat it too?

Herbs the Word,

Elaina & Thyatira Thompson