Who We Are and Why We’re Here

We are 2 people whose lives collided one fateful night at the storied Tipitina’s club in New Orleans during Atmosphere’s North of Hell Tour.  Somewhere between “Dirty Girl” and the “Woman With the Tattooed Hands”, we caught eyes, shared some great conversation, and have been on the best ride of our lives ever since.  In the midst of this awesome ride, we realized that we share in a lot of the same passions.  Music for one.  Our love for our hometown football teams (she’s a Seahawk – I’m a Cowboy) another.  But the major tie that binds us is our love for life and the promotion of health and wellness through herbs and spices.  So it is with this blog that we seek to share what herbs and spices we use that work.  Elaina and I personally use herbs for a variety of reasons including skin issues, social anxiety, combating mental fatigue, and for personal performance enhancements, wink wink.  Obviously I’m referencing jogging here.  But along with taking herbs for our personal wellness, we also create our own custom tinctures.  With this blog we have the opportunity to share our recipes that include these herbs and spices, and quite simply, share our love and passion for chasing the fountain of youth through what nature has provided.

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