Who We Write For….

In an effort to become a proficient user of WordPressI took the liberty to utilize their help site along with grabbing a couple of manuals.  What I found in my search is what most people find nowadays when seeking help – that there is simply an insurmountable amount of knowledge and information available.  There is a tutorial for just about everything under the sun.  I am not by any means suggesting that having this much access to knowledge is a negative thing.  I find it to be great actually.  The thing that gets me however is having to cherry-pick between topics just because there is so much information out there.  And sure, it is a matter of choosing topics and lessons that best fit the purpose of the task at hand.  Which is why I prefer tutorials with courses and curriculums with a streamlined comprehensive approach to learning.  It is no doubt the Mathematics teacher in me that appreciates this approach.  The empirical, active learning process is how I learn best and it is the method that I have used in my classroom over the past ten years as a High School Mathematics teacher.

Interesting looking tree

Fortunately, WordPress has among its archives a section entitled Blogging University that users like myself can enroll in to learn how to use their software by actually using the software.  Genius right? And the truth is that this method, the method of learning by doing is the best way to learn if retention is to be had.  I’ve learned many lessons (no pun intended) in the teaching field from various colleagues that helped show me how to guide instruction and enlighten tomorrow’s young minds.  One of those lessons was based on the following quote:

“Not hearing is not as good as hearing, hearing is not as good as seeing, seeing is not as good as knowing, knowing is not as good as acting; true learning continues until it is put into action.”


Knowing is not as good as acting, and actively teaching others what is known to pay it forward is what the purpose of this blog is about.  We are writing to those who want to live a better, healthier lifestyle, without sacrificing the flavors they hold dear.  We are writing to those who recognize that the best approach to living a better lifestyle is to become an active participant by engaging with us, adding to oue knowledge base of interesting and life-saving recipes, and sharing with others.  We are writing for those, who like us, find that we learn more, we retain better when we a) practice by doing, and b) teach others.  We are writing to those who want to live healthier and help their friends, family along with complete strangers live healthier lives through the promotion of natural herbs and natural healing medications.  We are writing because, in teaching others what we discover along our journey, we in turn teach ourselves and continue to be lifelong learners.  Thanks for engaging!!!

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